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Fri 15th March - Taverham Band - Tav VH 7.30pm

Sat 16th March - Taverham Band - Tav VH 7.30pm

Sat 13th April - He Hews - Hingham - private event

Fri 26th April - He Hews - Sheringham Theatre

Sat 18th May - He Hews - Basingstoke - Private event

Sun 26th May - 3oth May - Taverham Band Germany

Thu 27th June - The He Hews - Rumsey Wells

Sat 29th June - Tav Band Kelling Beer Festival

Sun 30th June - Tav Band - Waterloo Park 3pm

Sun 14th July - Tav Band - Eaton Park 3pm

Sun 18th August - Tav Band - Attlebridge pm

Thu 22nd August - He Hews - Thorrington Theatre Suffolk 7.30pm

Sat 24th August - He Hews - Duke of Wellington 5pm

Sun 2oth October - Taverham Band - Playhouse Norwich

Sun 27th October - He Hews Ribs of Beef Norwich 5pm

Fri 13th Dec - Taverham Band - VH

Sat 14th Dec - Taverham Band - VH



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